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Man Guns Down Son For Loud Music in Mizoram

June 30, 2010

boom Aizawl, Jun 30 : A man gunned down his son after his son asked him to turn down the volume of the music he was listening to at night at a village in Mizoram’s Aizawl district.

The man 51-year-old man HV Lalthawma, who was drunk was listening to music late at night at Sihpir village on his tape recorder at a high volume when his son, Lalruatfela, asked him to turn it down as it was disturbing neighbors, Aizawl District Superintendent of Police Lalbiakthanga Khiangte said on Wednesday.

When his 26-year-old son left after reprimanding him, Lalthawma, followed him with a SBBL Bore gun hidden under his shawl and shot him fatally when he came out of a relative’s house, Khiangte said.

The son who was shot on Monday night succumbed to his injuries at around 1:15 am on Tuesday morning at the nearby Presbyterian Hospital in Durtlang.

The father, who went into hiding was arrested, Khiangte said.


Rivers Started Receding in Assam

June 30, 2010

Guwahati, Jun 30 : In Assam, the overall flood situation started to improve with receding of water levels in the river Brahmaputra and its tributaries.

According to a Central Water Commission report this morning, the river Brahmaputra is flowing 1.24 metres above the danger level in Dibrugarh.

The mighty river is also flowing above the danger mark at Neamatighat and Dhubri. The two tributaries of the Brahmaputra-Dhansiri South and Puthimari are also flowing above the danger level.

The rivers are, however, maintaining a falling trend due to improvement of the weather condition since Tuesday.

Over eight lakh people in as many as 11 districts of the State were hit in the current spell of flood. Road communication remains cut off in several parts of badly hit Morigaon, Lakhimpur, Dhemaji and Baksa districts. The district authorities have taken up relief and restoration works on war footing in the flood-hit districts.

Diesel Ads Banned For Being Too Sexy

June 30, 2010

Trendy fashion company Diesel has had two adverts BANNED for showing images likely to cause “serious offence” to adults.

One of the controversial ads — published in two magazines — showed a woman taking a photo of her own genitals.

The second poster shows a woman baring her breasts to a security camera.

Both of the provocative posters used the slogan: “Smart may have the brains, but stupid has the balls. Be stupid. Diesel.”

The Advertising Standards Authority said 33 people complained that the ads were unsuitable for children, offensive and condoned or encouraged anti-social behaviour.
Diesel Offensive … Diesel poster showing woman taking intimate pic of herself has been banned

Defending the campaign, Diesel said the posters “portrayed a very strong and unexpected image of femininity”, adding that the security camera image “tackled society’s pre-occupation with 24/7 camera surveillance”.

The ASA said the two banned ads contained sexual undertones and appeared in an untargeted medium likely to be seen by children, ruling that they breached rules covering responsible advertising and decency.

It added both images were “likely to cause serious offence to many adults”.

The watchdog said: “We were further concerned that the images of young women photographing their genitalia and exposing their breasts to a camera in a public place were unsuitable to be displayed on posters, an untargeted medium that was likely to be seen by children, because of the overt sexualisation involved in the depicted acts.”

It ruled that the ads should not appear again in poster form.

Samsung Mobile With 67-day Standby Time!

June 30, 2010

samsung New Delhi, Jun 30 : Korean giant Samsung has unveiled a rugged phone called Samsung Xcover E2370 which offers a standby time of 67 days.

This means the phone’s battery can last upto 2 months (1,600 hours) in a standby mode, or upto 22 hours in talktime mode.

The phone features a 128×160 pixel TFT display, packs a 5MB internal memory and a VGA camera.

Other key features include Bluetooth, GSM/EDGE connectivity, music player, flashlight with a dedicated button and a microSD slot for upto 2GB memory expansion.

The phone is certified with IP54 rating which means it can withstand dust and water.

Don’t Look Down: Workers Put Finishing Touches to 1,000m High Alpine Viewing Tower

June 30, 2010

You’ll definitely need a head for heights if you’re planning on visiting the 1,000m high AlpspiX viewing tower, which is to open in southern Germany on July 4.

The towering structure is situated in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen region of the country and provides panoramic views of surrounding Hoellental and Garmisch.

Workers make finishing touches to the AlpspiX viewing platform in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, southern Germany

Workers make finishing touches to the AlpspiX viewing platform in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, southern Germany

The arms of the platform cross in an 'X' shape above a 1,000m abyss

The arms of the platform cross in an ‘X’ shape above a 1,000m abyss

Each arm of the tower is 24m long, crossing in an ‘X’ shape over an abyss at the base of the Alpspitze mountain, while jutting out 13m over an empty void, with the other 11m anchored in rock.

At the end of each arm, a glass wall offers a unique view of the alpine surroundings.

Each arm of the ‘X’ is just 3m wide and formed of a grid, which will allow snow to pass through it during winter. 

Each platform arm ends in a glass wall, offering unobscured views of the Alpine surroundings

Each platform arm ends in a glass wall, offering unobscured views of the Alpine surroundings

The breath-taking structure is due to open on July 4

The breath-taking structure is due to open on July 4

alpine viewing platform

Vision: An artist’s impression of the 3metre-wide viewing platforms which are suspended above the drop

Russian Models Sold for Sex

June 30, 2010

Underage Russian Model Hopefuls Being Lured Into Underground Sex Trade

Russian supermodels are at a record high — but some hopeful young models in the former Soviet Union were being pushed into underage sex and escort work, Sky News reported Tuesday.

Young women from struggling families were inspired by the likes of successful Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova but often found a very different reality.

Blonde, blue-eyed Masha Arsen left her small town to embark on a life as a model in Moscow when she was 15 but quickly returned when she was pushed to work as an escort.

“One of the girls I lived with was 13, and on the eve of her 14th birthday she earned a lot of money by having sex with an oligarch,” she told Sky News. “She bought loads of new expensive things. In this agency, girls of this age are of a higher value.”

Model scout Alexey Vasiliev, who was credited with discovering supermodels Vodianova and “Quantum of Solace” Bond girl Olga Kurylenko, allowed Sky News to join him as he looked for potential new models.

Beauties in their early 20s were passed off as too old by Vasiliev, who only stopped very young, very thin girls.

“I’m looking for something new, when I see it I know straight away — I understand beauty — I have very good eyesight to spot someone in the street,” he said.

Brazilian Woman Alleges Rape by Landlord

June 30, 2010

New Delhi, Jun 30 : A 27-year-old Brazilian woman, pursuing a Mass Communication course in Noida, has alleged that she was raped twice by her landlord here after mixing sedatives in her coffee, police said Tuesday.

The incident reported from CR Park came to light this morning after the woman lodged a complaint in which she claimed that her landlord raped her twice after giving her coffee laced with sedatives.

The woman, who is pursuing the course from a private institute in Noida, came to India in the first week of June. She has been staying in a rented accommodation since June 19.

She claimed that on June 20, her landlord came to meet her and offered coffee. She fell unconscious after drinking the coffee and the landlord raped her on that day. He allegedly raped her again on June 21.

“On June 27, when he tried to rape her, she resisted and asked him to leave the premises,” a senior police official said.

A case has been registered and further investigations are on. A medical examination is being conducted on her and police is awaiting the report.

“We have detained the landlord for questioning,” the official said.

Nagaland Minister Caught With Rs 9 Lakh Cash in Nepal

June 30, 2010

Kathamandu, Jun 30 : Nagaland Home Minister Imkong L Imchen has been arrested with Rs 9 lakh cash at Kathmandu airport on Wednesday.

The minister was allegedly carrying a suitcase full of Indian currency. According to the sources Rs 500 notes are banned in Nepal but the cash recovered was in Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes.

“Minister may not have been aware of the fact that Rs 500 notes are banned in Nepal,” said Nagaland Chief Secretary Lalthara.

“The Home Minister was returning to India from Nepal,” Lalthara added.

Indian government is currently inquiring the case.

‘We Are The Golden Generation’

June 30, 2010

Vijender Singh and others

Manipur has been in the news for all the wrongs reasons off late but two young boxers from the state – Nanao Singh and Suranjoy Singh – have given the people of the state more than a reason to smile.

By Himanshu Shekhar

While Suranjoy gave India its first Gold at Asian Championship in 15 years in the 2009 Asian Boxing Championship in China, young Nanao rose to fame after clinching gold medal in the AIBA Youth World Boxing Championship in Guadalajara, Mexico.’s Himanshu Shekhar caught up with Indian boxing’s sensation from the Northeast in an exclusive chat on Tuesday.


Himanshu Shekhar: You have made India proud by bringing the Asian Championship gold after 15 long years. With the focus suddenly shifting on you, there would be lot more pressure in the upcoming Commonwealth Games?

Suranjoy Singh: Smiles…Yes, there would be pressure in front of home ground but it does not bother me. If there would be extra pressure then there would also be a home advantage. Right from the crowd to the conditions and food, all will be in our favour.

HS: Do you think that this sponsorship by a corporate giant would help players like you financially?

SS: Personally, we were not getting any money but of course the funds will help us in gaining extra infrastructural facilities. The interest shown by these groups will also help us manage our tours expenses which often become costly.

HS: How are you preparing for the Commonwealth Games? Who do you consider as your toughest opponent?

Suranjoy: I don’t care about the opponent. When I am in the ring, the only thought is where exactly the punch should land. It’s just a matter of life and death for me. As far as training is concerned, I practice a lot. Some extra hours with the coach, apart from my routine morning and evening session, always helps. I get to see if my landing and recovery is getting right or not.

There is no special training scheme for Commonwealth Games as such. The idea is to keep yourself fit and be in match practice. I will be playing in the national championship, which begins later this week, and that would help us in gaining top form.

HS: You wanted to be a footballer. And football, in particular, is quite popular in the state. So what prompted you to take to boxing?

Suranjoy: Laughs… I was kicked out of the football academy, so I had to settle for something else. But I think football’s loss is boxing’s gain, (Laughs away).

HS: What has been the role of your coach GS Sandhu? Has he ever made you sit in front of a computer and discussed opponents’ moves and manoeuvres?
Nanao: Sandhu Sir is very experienced. He believes in our potential and he shows us our weaknesses and strengths. That is a part and parcel of the practice and match preparation.

Suranjoy: I now have a laptop of my own and that helps. Smiles…it gives you a lot of information about your opponents. But all that hardly matters when you are in the ring.

HS: Off late, Vijender raised his voice on lack of air-conditioned training room in Patiala? Do you think that is bothering you as well?

Suranjoy: It is true that we don’t have such a training hall at the moment but work is on towards getting a new completely centralised air-conditioned practice hall equipped with all other modern basic requirements. It will take some time and we hope that it is completed at the earliest.

HS: Has boxing really taken off in the state due to the exploits of you guys (Nanao and Suranjoy)?

Suranjoy: Manipur has seen some serious crisis off late. People are suffering a lot because of these blockades and protests; sports have also been hit by it. In fact, I would take this opportunity to urge the government of India to see to the ground situation.

Nanao (Interupts): Look, I come from a small town of Bishnupur. We have a very good club known as Bisnupur Golf Club, of which I am a product. But unfortunately, due to these protests and strikes, guys can’t turn up for practice. It is bound to affect the preparations of the youngsters who are preparing for the National Boxing Championships.

HS: Nanao, you, in particular, have attracted a lot of praise for your lightning quick punches. What do you eat?

Nanao: Smiles… I love having coffee or tea before a match… that relaxes me a lot. There is no special drink. We have a time-table for what to eat and when to drink. That is of paramount importance as that determines our weight-category.

HS: Has WADA’s whereabouts clause bothered you in any way? What precaution do you take so that you eliminate the risk of taking banned substance during medication?
Suranjoy: The tests are randomly conducted. We don’t have any problems. In fact we all have lists of medicines that are banned. In case we go under any medication, it is strictly under the observation of doctors.

HS: So with Vijender, Akhil, Suranjoy and Nanao, and Mary Kom leading the pack in women boxing, how do you see the future of boxing in India?

Suranjoy: Smiles… It is the golden generation of Indian boxing. We are confident of bringing India more and more gold medals. There has been a drought of sought in India at events like Commonwealth Games and Olympics. The ultimate dream is to end that drought.

Nanao: I feel very proud singing India’s national anthem at the podium. Hopefully we will be able to do that at the Delhi Commonwealth Games.

HS: All the best Nanao and Suranjoy. Your hope is shared by millions of Indians across the globe. Wish you all the best.

Suranjoy & Nanao: Thank You.

Train Services in Northeast India Still Disrupted

June 29, 2010

northeast train Silchar, Jun 29 : The northeastern states of Tripura, Manipur, Mizoram and southern Assam continued to remain cut-off from the rest of India by railway network even after two weeks following heavy landslides and damage to tracks, an official said Tuesday.

Tripura and Mizoram governments have asked the central government to make alternate arrangements for supply of food grain as the two northeastern states are facing a critical shortage of food grain for the public distribution system (PDS).

Rail services in southern Assam, Tripura, Manipur and Mizoram have been suspended since June 15.

‘Railway workers led by senior officials have cleared most of the debris in many places in southern Assam’s North Cachar Hills district. The huge mud slides covering more than 150-metre of rail track near Harangajao are being cleared,’ Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) spokesman Subrata Hajong told reporters.

He said the torrential rains during the past three days also washed away soil and stone chips under the railway track along 300-metre area in Mailongdisa area in the North Cachar Hills district further delaying the resumption of railway services.

According to the railway spokesman, it would take another three-four days to set the track right and clear the way for the trains to run. ‘We are expecting to restore rail services in the region by July 2,’ Hajong said.

Senior NFR officials and engineers have been camping at the working sites, 300 km south of Assam’s main city Guwahati, to supervise the works.

The metre-gauge railway line from Guwahati passes through southern Assam connecting land-locked Tripura’s capital Agartala and parts of Manipur and Mizoram with the rest of India.

Meanwhile, the Tripura and Mizoram governments have asked the central government and Food Corporation of India (FCI) to build a buffer stock of rice and other essential commodities for the northeastern states for the next three months within the next fortnight before monsoon intensifies in the region.

‘Officials of the Tripura government met senior officials of FCI and union ministry of food and civil supplies in New Delhi last week and asked them to ensure immediate stocks of essentials carrying the food grain by trucks,’ Tripura Food and Civil Supplies Minister Manik Dey told the Tripura assembly Tuesday.

The minister said the central government has earlier announced building of buffer stocks of food supplies at least for three months in each northeastern state. ‘Both food and civil supplies ministry, FCI and railway authorities are negligent in this regard.’

‘If the centre would not make alternative arrangements of transporting food grains to the region, Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur and southern Assam would face a severe crisis from the second week of next month,’ the Tripura minister added.

Officials of the Mizoram government have held meetings with the FCI officials in Guwahati and Silchar to build buffer stocks of food grain in the mountainous state at the earliest.

‘People of southern Assam may face similar crisis of PDS supplies if the concerned authorities do not make urgent alternative arrangements for transporting foods from other parts of the country,’ an Assam government official told reporters in Silchar.